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Professional qualifications such as the CFA, ACCA, CIMA or CIA have worldwide recognition. Large multinational business consulting firms currently employee the majority of students and opting for such qualifications but they also cover the cost of the forenamed programmes (with very few exceptions).


In addition to this, all the British Professional Chambers / Bodies are recognised within the EU as well as other regions around the world. It is also worth noting that the ACCA qualification, which is awarded by a European Union Member State (Great Britain) is also recognised by the «Mutual Recognition Directive» (89/48/EEC) of the European Union that came into force in 1991.


CFA has been recognised by Capital Market Commissions in  a number of countries and in many cases its holders are exempt from taking the relevant exams held in these countries.


The CIA is recognised by local Institutes of Internal Auditors, which are usually responsible for holding the official CIA exams in each country. With the continued expansion of International Standards (in Auditing, Accounting, Finance), one can only assume that such qualifications will grow further. 

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