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Professionalism begins with qualifications

  • There is no doubt that the commitment to the ESG strategy is a key opportunity for companies to ensure their survival and future growth, as well as their adaptation to the new international regulations and best practices

  • The significant impact of climate change has generated an urgent need to create content that encompasses sustainability, the circular economy and international regulatory implications

  • But it is necessary to go a step further in which companies and their shareholders have to prepare and train themselves professionally to implement criteria that consumers and their employees are already demanding

  • And this is an unstoppable path!


IASE – International Association for Sustainable Economy


  • The IASE Association aims to be the main international certification body for all professionals in the field of ESG and thus promote the confidence of professionals and consumers in knowledge, skills, lifelong learning, behaviour and ethics.

  • In addition to ensuring compliance with best practice and certification standards it sets globally, IASE also provides the most relevant knowledge and resources in supporting and protecting the evolving public interest



  • 38 Member associations 

  • 5 Continents

  • Envisia - One of the founding members

  • Headquartered in London, UK, the IASE represents the sustainability profession globally regarding standard-setting, and advocates on behalf of the profession to international organisations, governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations and civil society 

IASE certifications: ISF® and ISB®

IASE’s role is more relevant than ever, being the first and only association worldwide that aspires to certify the entire population pyramid in terms of ESG with an holistic approach, and with three levels of certification, both for the financial sector, International Sustainable Finance ISF® and a second for the rest of the sectors, International Sustainable Business ISB®


ISF® Designation

The ISF® designation is suited for ESG and Sustainability practitioners who work in the field of finance (e.g. banking, insurance, micro finance, wealth management, accounting, treasury management) 


ISB® designation

The ISB® designation is suited for ESG and Sustainability practitioners who work in all other non-finance related fields of business


Each IASE designation recognizes 3 levels of proficiency. Thus, the levels represent a career progression path for ESG and sustainability practitioners.


ISB and ISF designation levels

IASE certifications: methodology & standards

IASE qualifications are quality-assured and supported by relevant learning outcomes. IASE qualifications are flexible, allowing you to create a learning pathway to suit your needs.


Only candidates who meet our internationally-benchmarked 4-E certification standards are awarded these designations:























ISF® & ISB® Level 1 - Advisor


Module 1

Introduction to Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG)


Module 2

Environment, Climate Change, Green Transition & Sustainable Finance


Module 3

Social inclusion and gender equality


Module 4


IASE certifications: Training 


Training Format



  • Level 1 – Advisory: Min 30 study hrs, 8 weeks  

  • Level 2 – Specialist: min 60 hrs, 4 months: in progress/ estimated for mid January 2022)



  • Level 1: 500 EUR + VAT

  • Level 2: 800 EUR + VAT

IASE certifications: Examination




Exam format 

  • Level 1 – Advisory: Closed book; 40 multiple-choice questions (MCQ); 4 options per question, with only one correct answer; 60 minutes; Pass mark 70% (28 correct answers, or more)

  • Level 2 – Specialist: in progress/ estimated for mid May 2022)



  • Level 1: 150 EUR + VAT

  • Level 2: 350 EUR + VAT


Why choose ESG IASE certifications?

  • Gain a prestigious designation

  • Flexibility to choose your own professional path in the fast-growing field of ESG

  • Supported by quality tuition

  • Stand out to best employers and differentiate yourself from other job candidates


IASE Training Dates & Calendar


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