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Effective Communication and Feedback Skills


Effective communication is required to be successful in the business world. This course will provide professionals with important communication skills to effectively converse with their stakeholders to build professional business relationships and accomplish the company’s objectives. Skilled communication can be the difference in business success or failure. Interactive exercises will be used to reinforce session learning objectives with real-life examples. This is the perfect course for professionals who want to improve their communication skills.

Methodology: This program will include interactive games, team work, role plays and case studies so that participants can develop their self-awareness, identify their communication style and improve their feedback skills.

This seminar will cover the following important issues: 

  • Different forms of communication.

  • Types of people who are difficult to communicate with and approaches/tips to improve communication.

  • Thinking on your feet.

  • Relationships, first impressions, and professionalism. 

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with your stakeholders.

  • Deal with difficult people and situations.

  • Enhance your presentation skills and effectiveness of the meetings you participate in.

  • Communicate with management and effectively sell your ideas/findings.


Content Analysis:


  • Effective communication.

  • Communication barriers.

  • Communicator styles

  • Active listening.

  • Positive language.

  • NLP & Body Language.

  • Self-awareness.

  • Use of empathy.

  • Giving and receiving feedback and feedforward.


Difficult people or situations

  • Why difficult.

  • Different personality of behavioral traits.

  • Techniques for handling difficult situations.

Introduction to Coaching

  • What is Coaching.

  • Difference between Coaching/Mentoring/Consulting/Therapy.

Course Duration: 1 Day (09:00-17:00)


CPD Hours Available: 8


Knowledge Level: Intermediate 


Field of Study: Communication 


Prerequisites: None 


Advance Preparation: None


Given with the programme: 

  • Training material (pdf form) 

  • Handouts 

     (tools, infographics, reflection logs)

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Trainer’s Bio:

Spyridon Kottoris, MBA

Senior Learning & Development Professional | Certified Trainer | 

Certified Career & Executive Coach

Spyros is an experienced professional operating in the professional training and consulting industry combining managerial skills. He is a Certified Coach and a Certified Learning Professional with over 10 years of training experience. He specializes in the fields of Communication, Negotiations, Train the Trainer training, Coaching skills and soft skills training and also Entrepreneurship, Management and Finance using blended interactive learning methods. Spyros has served as the Project Leader and Trainer of the Internal Certification of Trainers of the largest bank of Greece, Piraeus Bank and has also worked as a Learning Consultant, a Lecturer for UK Universities and a Trainer on Lifelong Learning Programs and Workshops. 

Spyros has 16 years of practical professional experience in multinational Groups of Companies and Banks and has taught for demanding clients in the construction industry, the telecom industry, Information Technology, Banking, Energy, Insurance and others in Europe (Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and the Middle East such as the UAE). Clients include Groupama, Cosmos, Wade Adams, Deutche Telecom and others.

His academic background includes an MBA from the University of Kentucky, USA, an Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching of Kingstown College (ICF and EMCC certified) and a forthcoming Master's degree in Adult Education (MEd) of the Open University of Greece. His certifications and publications reinforce and enhance his scientific and professional track record.

His passion is to support and motivate people to reach self-awareness, recognize their values and develop skills that will lead them to personal and professional success, achieving personal and corporate goals.

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