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We offer a classroom, on-line or supported (blended) online programme, combining online learning with some classroom time at key stages throughout the qualification and weekly “surgeries” for additional study support.


We set regular assignments for marking and feedback, and provide full subject tutor contact details, encouraging students to get in touch at any time, including evenings and weekends, if they need help. The online lectures are all pre-recorded so can be completed over the recommended number of study days.


ACA Modules




Business and Finance


Management Information

Principles of Taxation

Professional Level

Audit and Assurance

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Financial Management

Tax Compliance

Business Planning: Taxation

Business Strategy

Advanced level

Corporate Reporting

Strategic Business Management

Case Study


Overview of our working methodology and approach


The following principles are embedded into our approach to ensure that our courses inspire students to achieve excellent pass rates.

  • Use of experienced tutors (international & Local) who use lots of real life examples and provide their home/mobile phone numbers for out of hours study support

  • Live online debriefs of mock exams immediately after they have been attempted, so students can ask for guidance and feedback whilst the questions are fresh in their minds

  • Detailed script feedback on all marked mock exams

  • Regular “surgeries” enabling students to ask for additional help and support

  • Friendly and knowledgeable support team who can help with any general, technical or administrative queries (international & local).


Supported Online Programme


The keys to a successful online programme are:

  • making students feel that they are part of a cohort rather than isolated with their studies, and giving them the confidence to contact their tutor at any time if they are struggling

  • lots of guidance and feedback on exam performance

Incorporating some classroom time and regular live online sessions helps give the programme structure and gives students the opportunity to come together and share their experiences.


The main advantage to you of our online programme is that study leave can be spread over a flexible study period allowing you to work around busy audit periods and minimise business disruption.

Classroom Sessions


All classroom sessions will be led by our senior tutors who are the subject matter experts in the UK. Students who wish to stay after class and use our facilities for private study are welcome to do so and tutors normally stay for at least an hour after class for extra questions.


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