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       StudySmart HS  

These new programmes provide you the opportunity to engage with the full spectrum of digital strategic thinking necessary to develop, refine, and implement a digital marketing plan for your Hospitality business. The CDMP/H program is tailored to guide Hospitality leaders to effectively bring about digital transformation in their organizations.


Hospitality revenue managers know how to calculate the best use of the property at the best prices. They are professional managers who possess practical forecasting techniques and rigorous judgment. The Revenue Management: Maximizing Revenue in Hotels (RMH) programme acknowledges your skill at managing a Hotel’s revenue and planning price points that makes the property successful. The CHRM certification can help you excel in your current position, move further toward your career goals, and show that you are among the best in your profession.


If you are entitled to a group discount, company discount or early bird discount, please contact directly Mr. Costas Chandrinos via telephone +306937280440 or email:

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