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StudySmart in cooperation with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), one of the world's leading accreditation body in professional training for the hospitality sector create a new era in professional training for tomorrow's hospitality professionals.


AHLEI is considered the global leader in hospitality training and hotel management certifications with programs precisely aligned with the current trends, developments and best practices in the hotel and hospitality industry for professionals at all levels. The goal of these training programs is to combine work experience with specialized knowledge and skills and ultimately, create top performing hospitality professionals and teams.


StudySmart is AHLEI’s International Associate in Greece, offering a variety of hospitality training certifications. Despite the national economic predicament, tourism in Greece is an industry which makes a great contribution to the nation’s G.D.P. and employment levels and according to global market reports, it will continue to grow steadily.



Certainly, AHLEI’s programs may offer a variety of benefits to both hospitality staff and

businesses, such as:



o    Validate and strengthen their CV with up-to-date and certified credentials

o    Improve productivity and quality levels of their work

o    Increase their marketability in the job market locally and internationally

o    Become more motivated and committed to their job and organisation



o    Raise their operating and service quality standards

o    Increase guest satisfaction and rate of repeat guests

o    Enhance their credibility, trust and perceived value to its guests

o    Reduce employee turnover, operating costs and maximize financial outcomes




Certified Hospitality Revenue Manager (CHRM®)

A revenue manager faces daily the challenge to assess multiple historical, present and future data and make optimal decisions that will be perceived appealing and valuable to the targeted customers and eventually, maximize revenue for the organization. Thus, it is of paramount importance that such a professional must possesses the required work experience but also the necessary specialized training in order to be become part of the elite hospitality professionals.


The Certified Hospitality Revenue Manager (CHRM®) is considered globally as the most honorable professional certification in revenue management which validates you with up-to-date credentials and knowledge in this area. Achieving the CHRM® certification indicates that you have a place among the best in your profession, are abreast of current trends and latest hospitality protocols; and serves as leverage in current and future career opportunities.


Certified Managing Food & Beverage Operations (MFBO®)

Candidate food & beverage professionals need to constantly enrich their knowledge and skills to effectively manage food and beverage departments and establishments. This program certifies professionals who have the ability to apply effectively business tactics for food & beverage departments and through effective management to improve quality standards while reducing operating costs. They seek to continuously look for new ways either through available technology or through new service options to offer visitors greater value and satisfaction.

With this certification, professionals in the field understand the efficient management process of a hotel's food & beverage departments. Relevant aspects such as, F&B organization, marketing, menu design, food costs and pricing, production, services, security and finance, are identified and examined.


Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®)

A guest service professional has the responsibility to provide well-mannered and professional service to the hotel guests during their entire stay. Therefore, this position has a great impact on the first and last service experience and impression of the guests and on whether they will visit or not the hotel again.


The Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®) certificate provides you with the necessary credentials in order to successfully connect with the guests, exceed their expectations and serve them in an exceptional manner in a variety of circumstances. The Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®) designation provides recognition for those individuals that know how to achieve and express exceptional service by engaging with their guests and creating memorable experiences. Recognized worldwide, the CGSP® designation is the highest acknowledgment of awarding-winning guest service for employees in the lodging industry.


Certified Front Desk Agent (CFDA®)

A front desk representative is a professional who comes in contact with hotel guests and needs to be well-acquainted with a hotel’s policies, standards and operating procedures, customer service code of conduct, occupancy rates, room rates, settlement of guest accounts and many other tasks. This person contributes highly in the proper functioning of the front desk and also sets a hotel’s professional image.


This certificate gives the necessary knowledge and skills in order to become a qualified front desk representative who has the skills to serve effectively and efficiently guests and improve a hotel’s image and productivity.

StudySmart™ is proud to be working with loyal professionals, our highly valued associate partners, that honour their word and add value to our clients. Behind our success lies teamwork. This is why we have been working with the same professionals for a significant amount of years as we value this loyalty and trust. As Michael Jordon once said, “talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

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