Enhance your success chances through 1:1 Personal training for ACCA with the help of the StudySmart EXPERT training team.
Global reach – We accommodate all time zones.
If you feel confident and only need certain tips, or if you would like a more personalized approach or even focused attention, we have the solution for you.
“All you need is a skype connection”
How it works:
Step 1: Initial discussion (FREE): An initial discussion is free for 15 minutes to lay the groundwork and discuss which qualification you are interested in, while level you have reached, where your weaknesses may lie and fine-tune how the relationship (coaching) will best work for optimum results. Just send an email to info@studysmart.gr

Step 2: Then we agree on the time to meet digitally, and we’re off!

Step 3: Pay the fee. Minimum time is 50 minutes (1 training hour) and the fee is paid by credit card (Personalized 1:1 coaching is 80 E per hour)

Step 4: Set a possible discount rate - For more

Personal training for ACCA


    StudySmartis proud to be working with loyal professionals, our highly valued associate partners, that honour their word and add value to our clients. Behind our success lies teamwork. This is why we have been working with the same professionals for a significant amount of years as we value this loyalty and trust. As Michael Jordon once said, “talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

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