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Marketing for Accountants  


Effectively marketing your accounting, CPA or bookkeeping firm is key to a prosperous business, especially when the decision to go with one firm over another often comes down to cost and nothing else. Firm of the Future provides examples of marketing best practices, templates and ideas to help CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers break through marketing hurdles and find the right accounting clients and businesses to grow their firm or practice.


Learning Outcomes:

How to Use Low-Touch Methods to Find New Clients

While there are lots of ways to market your services, I believe “low-touch” methods are the best to find new clients. Learn this effective strategy, which works time and time again, and often at lower cost.


Why Accountants Should Frequently Reach Out to Prospects

Do you have a stack of business cards lying on your desk just waiting for your follow up? You're not alone. Learn why most accountants don't reach out a second, third, or fourth time to prospects they don't immediately close.


Networking Tips and Tricks for Accountants and Bookkeepers

While more business people are using social media to connect and stay in touch, these tools are no substitute for face-to-face communication. Learn how to turn a gathering of people into a valuable networking occasion.


How to Mine Accounting Clients for Referrals

In our business, client growth comes from the almighty referral.


Improve Cold Call Rates With Direct Mail

Firms will want to consider a two-step marketing approach to improve their lead generation program.


Social Media & Online Marketing Can Produce Tangible Results for Your Firm

From Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn, everyone adores the potential social media promises. Learn how social media can produce tangible results for your firm or company.


Using a CRM to Grow Your Accounting Practice

A CRM can help your firm track key data on clients and prospects.


Use Your Accounting Practice's Website to Recruit Clients

Your website should be a profit center for your accounting practice and generate a steady flow of qualified leads.


Reaping the Benefits of Being a Generalist or Specialist

Consultants, would you classify yourself as generalist or specialist? Learn how to benefit from either.


Set up Your Marketing Plan

Create profitable marketing plans and strategies to grow your accounting firm.

Course Duration: 2 Days


StudySmart™ is proud to be working with loyal professionals, our highly valued associate partners, that honour their word and add value to our clients. Behind our success lies teamwork. This is why we have been working with the same professionals for a significant amount of years as we value this loyalty and trust. As Michael Jordon once said, “talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

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