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Exporting & International Marketing Strategy

Trading Locally; Competing Globally



This course lays the foundation to gaining competitive advantage in the global marketplace by providing a hands-on understanding of the competitive implications affecting global marketing strategies, as well as covers the factors that govern the decision to enter export marketing and analyses planning, organizing, and managing an international business marketing strategy. 

Learning outcomes

Topics include foreign market surveys; the role of competitive intelligence; understanding trade barriers, pricing, distribution channels, and cultural differences that affect marketing strategies; and how to create a global marketing strategy. Students should leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of global competitive marketing core concepts and how global marketing strategies can affect a company's future performance.


Who Should Attend

Senior personnel responsible for export business (e.g. owner-managers of smaller enterprises or commercial directors of larger companies).


Delivery Style

Covering best practice and using case studies and practical examples throughout, the course offers a practical guide to the core techniques in export marketing strategies. Case Studies and reference materials are highlighted throughout so that the material covered can be implemented immediately. The workshop is fully interactive and attendees will take part to various activities.


Course Director

Dr. Antony Michail has been actively involved in marketing training, education, and consultancy over the last 15 years working for a range of private clients both in the Greece and internationally (UK, South Africa). Combining a practical strategic approach supported by key underpinning strategic marketing principles, Antony's aim is to improve the professional marketing standards for individuals, marketing teams and organisations.

Course content

  • Development of Global Marketing

  • Your Role in Global Marketing

  • International Trade

  • Cultural values

  • Language and Communication

  • Cultural Differences

  • Global Competitors

  • Developing a Global Information System

  • International Marketing Operations

  • Evaluating National Markets

  • Geographic Market Choices

  • Country Selection

  • Global Market

  • Entry Strategies

  • Global Product Strategies

  • Global Strategies for Services, Brands, Social Marketing

  • Pricing for Global Markets

  • Global Promotion Strategies

  • Global Campaigns and Media Strategy

  • Global - Local Decisions

  • Organizing For Global Marketing

  • Global Marketing and Strategy Review

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