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IAS 7 Statement of cash flows

The seminar will address issues as:

  1. The role & usability of the statement of cash flows. 

  2. Its connection with the other 3 financial statements as prescribed by IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements, i.e. the statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income, the statement of changes in equity and the statement of financial position. 

  3. Differences between separate and group statement of cash flows.   

Duration: 8 hours

Suitable for: financial accountants and DipIFR (awarded by ACCA) graduates (IAS 7 is not part of the DipIFR syllabus). 

Indicative content:

  • The direct and the indirect method. 

  • Accrual vs. cash accounting. 

  • Mainstream elements recognized in the separate cash flow statements. 

  • Mainstream elements recognized in the group cash flow statements. 

  • Preparation of a separate and a group statement of cash flows.

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